#20 Matt Kenseth Dollar General Gray T-Shirt

#20 Matt Kenseth Dollar General Gray T-Shirt

#20 Matt Kenseth Dollar General Gray T-Shirt. This is an all light gray, crew neck short sleeved style t-shirt with full color screened graphics on both sides. The front of the shirt features Matt Kenseth screened in a yellow and black pattern, outlined in gray, black and white. Above the name is a silhouette of the grandstands and the lights, below the name is the yellow, black and white Dollar General Racing logo. There is a large 20 in white, outlined in yellow and black. The back of the shirt features a black and white picture of Matt Kenseth, however his hat and what can be seen of his attire is in color-black and yellow. To the right of his picture is his signature in yellow, beneath that is a large white, yellow and black 20. Matt Kenseth is screened in the same pattern as the front and then his Dollar General sponsored 20 car is in full color at the bottom of the graphic.

How Should I Wash This Shirt?

Each #14 Tony Stewart Dark Gray Mobil T-Shirt is made with 100% cotton. It is recommended to machine wash cold and inside out, also to tumble dry low. It is not advised to iron because of the graphics so if you find your shirt to be a bit wrinkled, just toss it back into the dryer for a few minutes and that should do the trick just nicely.


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