Michelob Ultra Large Tap Handle

Michelob Ultra Large Tap Handle

Michelob Ultra Large Tap Handle.  All aluminum Red, White & Blue Michelob Tap Handle Featuring the Michelob Ultra logo on both sides indented in blue with the red banner in the middle , The sides are indented and are all red This tap handle screws easily on to keg-orator system.  Weighs less than 1 lb.  Approximately 12.0" x 2.5".

Do You Know What You're Doing?

Did you know the way you grab your Michelob Ultra Large Tap Handle has a direct effect on how your beer pours? Newbies end up screwing up the beer the first few times they pour beer, so here let me help you save it! When you grab the tap handle don't make the mistake of grabbing the beer tap handle from the top and pulling it forward with a jerking action! Doing this could not only break your tap handle but can agitate your beer as well making it pour out foamy. What you need to be doing is grab the handle is from the bottom with two fingers (index and middle finger) and pull the handle toward you in one smooth motion and close the faucet in the same manner. Smooth handling makes for smooth beer.

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