Corona Extra 5 Quart Metal Bucket

Corona Extra 5 Quart Metal Bucket

This Corona Extra 5 Quart Metal Bucket features a bold and bright beach scene, one scene replicated on each side with built in bottle opener.  The Corona Extra bottle and tag line...Find Your Beach is in white in a crystal clear blue sky.. Beneath it is a warm sandy beach with a bright blue ocean crashing gently onto the shore.  A lime slice is resting next to bottle. I know, I miss the beach the too. For most of us though, we are not on the coast, so maybe just buy this bucket fill it with ice and Corona and play tropical music, under a heat lamp, with your eyes closed-winter will be over soon. Assuming it already is in your parts-buy this bucket and head to the beach!! You've got some sun to catch and Coronas to drink!

Fun Bucket Facts:

This decorative bucket is also extremely functional maintaining the ability to hold 6 bottles of Corona Extra with ice.The Corona Extra 5 Quart Metal Bucket has a handle to make for an easy carry and built in bottle opener for easy access.

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