Budweiser Plastic Cups Red 20 oz Stackable

Budweiser Plastic Cups Red 20 oz Stackable

Budweiser Plastic Red 20 oz Cup. Durable Budweiser plastic cups with handle features an unique handle design that enables spiral-pattern stacking for easy storage and portability. Reusable and dishwasher safe. Budweiser bow-tie logo, Grab Some Buds, screened on front in color. Go green and contribute against a throw-away world. Product also available in Bud Light Lime, Bud Light and Landshark.

Budweiser Plastic Cups are often used for gatherings and it would be convenient to wash dishes afterward. Budweiser Plastic Cups can be used for storing most liquids, without warping the cup. Most plastic cups are designed for single uses and then disposal or recycling. Budweiser Plastic Cups are keepers, but if they become damaged, they can be recycled as well. Perfect for parties, picnics, birthdays, and even beer pong, these dishwasher safe cups are durable enough for everyday use.

For years, they’ve been used only to hold beer and other cold drinks and refreshments. Friends may come and go, people might get dropped off the invite list, but if there’s one thing that has remained consistent when it comes to your parties, it’s Budweiser Plastic Cups. When the host begins handing them out, you know it’s time to get the party started.

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