Budweiser Bowtie Red Metal Tray

Budweiser Bowtie Red Metal Tray

The Budweiser Bowtie Red Metal Tray features full color screened graphics in the middle and around the outside. The Budweiser bowtie logo along with This Bud's For You in white is repeated around the outside on the tray 4 times. On the inside, in the middle of the tray is the Budweiser bowtie logo screened in white. This tin metal tray has an anti slip epoxy on the inside.

Tell Me More About This Budweiser Bowtie Red Metal Tray:

Each Budweiser Bowtie Red Metal Tray is about 14" in diameter, and close to 2" deep. These are restaurant and bar grade serving tray and are made of  thick and structured metal. If you're not into using this as a serving tray, you don't have to! Set it in the middle of the table with a Budweiser Pitcher and your Budweiser Nucleated 20oz pint glasses. This not only protects the tables from spills and condensation but keeps your wife from getting mad that you put water ring marks on the table. You should probably swing on over to the coaster section and get some Budweiser coasters as well. Honestly, it's better safe than sorry.

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