Budweiser 20 oz Brewhouse Tumbler

Budweiser 20 oz Brewhouse Tumbler

Budweiser 20 oz Brewhouse Tumbler.   Most popular in German pubs, they use this style instead of pint glasses. This glass is slightly wider at the top and slims down as it gets towards the bottom, ever so slightly. The front of this glass features the Budweiser bowtie logo screened in red with Budweiser script in middle in red as well. Thicker glass bottom to help keep your beer colder longer.  Great 20 oz glass to serve a nice head of beer!

How Do I Wash This?

Carefully-it's glass! If you want you can hand wash each of your Budweiser 20 oz Brewhouse Tumbler but do you really want to? The style of glass is larger at the top than it is at the bottom and it's pretty hard to get your hand all the way down there. You're in luck though because these glasses are dishwasher safe!

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