Bud Select 55 Pint Glass

Bud Select 55 Pint Glass

Bud Select 55 Pint Glass.  The Budweiser Select 55 Red Crown 16oz Pint Glass features a screen printed image of the Budweiser Select crown in red on the front with SELECT in white and the 55 screen beneath in red. This glass is dishwasher safe.

It's All About The Bulge-If You Know What I Mean

Pint glasses are one of the most traditional choices for serving beer. You see these glasses at every bar you go to, it's no coincidence. The pint typically has a slightly wider mouth than its base and often has a slight bulge most of the way up its body. This bulge serves a triple purpose. The bulge creates a natural foaming point for a handsome head. The Budweiser Bowtie 16oz Pint Glass bulge facilitates stacking behind the bar and makes the glass easier to hold. Almost every beer loving country seems to have its own variation on this classic style.

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