Bud Red Bowtie Cocktail Napkin

Bud Red Bowtie Cocktail Napkin

Bud Red Bowtie Cocktail Napkin.  This is an all white, singly ply, cocktail style napkin.  Each Budweiser napkin features the red bowtie logo with Budweiser script in red throughout graphic.  250 napkins come in a bundle.  Red Budweiser script graphic screened on top on each napkin.

Bud Red Bowtie Cocktail Napkin is folded in quarters ending in approximately 5"x5" square with Bud bowtie logo screened in red on front.  Great napkin for home bars  when serving an ice cold Budweiser beverage.  Rapidly absorbs moisture to help protect your surface.

If you are a Bud fan..Purchase your bundle of Budweiser napkins today!  Serve up your Budweiser in style.  This Buds For You!

Great value for 250 napkins.  In stock, ready to ship.








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