Bud Light Royal Blue Visor

Bud Light Royal Blue Visor

Bud Light Royal Blue Visor features a all Royal Blue color scheme. The entire hat is a Royal Blue color with the Bud Light logo embroidered in white boxed in with a lighter blue around it. Some people may ask, what's the point of a cap less hat? I didn't think they were that fancy either however after doing a bit of research it turns out they do a whole lot! Most of the time it's athletes wearing visors or people at the beach. What are these people doing? They're sweating. Where does heat escape from our bodies? Among a few other places, mainly our heads. By allowing air to get to the top of the head, it provides better ventilation which will drop the body temperature. How does it drop the body temperature if the sun is beating on your skull? Well according to the the things I have read, it still manages to work. Plus instead of a head full of sweat in a normal hat, a visor forces the sweat to go more into the headband and to the sides of your face, instead of your eyes.

Is This Hat Going To Fit Me?

It should! They say one size fits most, however for your convenience this Bud Light Royal Blue Visor has an adjustable red velcro strap on the back.

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