Bud Light White Sling Bag

Bud Light White Sling Bag

Bud Light White Sling Bag features a screen printed Bud Light can graphic on the front side complete with Bud Light at the bottom. Each bag is made from 100% nylon. The bag itself measures 14.5" x 18". There are two blue draw string on both side of the bag for easy access. In addition, this bag also has a blue rubber slit for headphones. Not to mention, you can keep your device safely in the bag while still enjoying tunes!

Where Should I Take This Bag?

Bud Light White Sling Bag is perfect to take anywhere! It's light weight so it won't weight you down! Headed to the beach? Grab this bag and fill it with your Bud Light Graphic Towel and Bud Light Sunglasses. Oh don't forget the sunscreen!

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