Bud Light Retro Aviator Sunglasses

Bud Light Retro Aviator Sunglasses

Bud Light Retro Aviator Sunglasses.  This Bud Light Retro Aviator pair of sunglasses features tinted blue lenses in a silver frame.  The Bud Light Retro logo is screened in white on the right bottom lenses.  There is a black plastic arm piece that fits over your ears for comfort.  These tinted Aviator Sunglasses give your eyes the protection they deserve because they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection

What's With UV Rays Anyway?

It turns out that sunburn isn't the worst thing the sun can do to you. Ultra violet rays can penetrate your eyelid and do some serious damage to those baby blues including types of cataracts and muscular degeneration. Yikes! Do yourself a favor and skip all that eye drama and just grab a pair of shades!

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