Stella Artois Chalice Glassware

Stella Artois Chalice Glassware

Enjoy Stella Artois in this Stella Artois Chalice Glassware which releases the beer's flavor and multi-textured aromas. These beautiful beer glasses make a statement and are a must for all beer enthusiasts. The Stella Artois Chalice Glass brings sophistication to the beer-drinking experience. These are very nice chalices and look really good in any china cabinet.  Stella Artois logo is screened on front in full color.  Varying sizes available…15cl, 33cl, 40cl and 50cl.

Beer Glassware connoisseurs wouldn't dream of enjoying their favorite beers from the wrong glassware, and neither should anyone who appreciates fine beer. Flavor, color, aroma, carbonation and head type vary from beer to beer. Unique beer glassware highlights these variations and lets each beer or ale be its best self. Stella glasses are a classic and represent a great beer.

Although a chilled Stella Artois Chalice Glass looks great, avoid the temptation to pop your glassware in the freezer before serving beer. When the beer hits the chilled glass, it creates condensation that alters its taste. If you're taking the extra step to match your beer to your glassware, then take the time to serve Stella Artois at its proper temperature.

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