Bud Light Logo Nucleated Pint Glass

Bud Light Logo Nucleated Pint Glass

Bud Light Logo Nucleated Pint Glass.  Heavy pint glass with Bud Light retro royal blue colored logo with white lettering.

What Exactly Is So Special About Nucleated Glassware?

Tip your glass or pitcher upside down or simply look through the empty glass to the bottom. You may see little circles, you may see swirls or you may see an actual design or logo. What gives? Those are points of nucleation. Those little designs act as a point of reckoning for the carbonation in your beer. The bubbles are able to relax and be themselves. Do you know what this means for you? It means you can thoroughly enjoy the wonderful aroma coming from your glass, because more bubbles means more smell! More bubbles actually means more flavor too, pretty sweet right?  Nucleated glassware normally has thicker bottoms, acting as a built in refrigerator keeping your beer colder longer! Isn't that the best?!

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