Bud Light Lime Slim Can Coolies

Bud Light Lime Slim Can Coolies

Bud Light Lime Slim Can Coolies features a screened Bud Light Lime logo on both sides.  The entire coolie is in lime greenl.  The AB Symbol  is in black on top with Bud Light Lime is in white and lime in black This collapsible coolie has the ability to hold 12 oz slim can or bottle. Dimensions of coolie are 5 1/8" H x 3.5" W. Each coolie is made with 4mm polyurethane foam.

How Coolies Work-Save Your Beer And Buy A Coolie!

Coolies are normally made with a polyurethane foam, however the material normally doesn't effect the coolies ability to keep beer cold. What actually keeps your beer cold is the prevention of condensation by snuggling up to the coolie. Condensation allows for the heat and humidity from the outside to have a lasting effect on the cold beer inside by forcing the cold to seep out the sides. In other words view condensation as the tears of your beer. Don't let your beer cry, coolies save beer, buy a coolie and save your beer before it's too late!

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