Michelob Ultra White Golf Towel With Clasp

Michelob Ultra White Golf Towel With Clasp 

Michelob Ultra White Golf Towel With Clasp is a 100% cotton towel. The Michelob Ultra logo complete with ribbon is screen printed on the front. The ribbon is two shades of red, split straight down the middle, and outlined in gold. Michelob is in blue, but outlined in gold. Ultra is written in a blockier script with white and blue fade. The clasp on the top corner is gold in color. Only one side of the towel features a graphic. Each towel is 25" x 16"

What Do I Need This For?

Well no golf bag is complete with a golf towel! First of all, if you want to make a good shot you need to have a clean club-clean it with your golf towel! Secondly towels are absorbent and things do have a tendency to get wet on a golf course. Whether it be the balls, your hands getting sweaty of even your forehead-use your golf towel to wipe things up!

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